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In today’s business climate, scanning your paper documents and creating a digital filing cabinet is a necessity. It’s your only real protection against disaster, and it adds a new level of efficiency to the workplace. Companies are reporting major savings after implementing a paperless office solution. In fact, some say that 123File-IT will give you a return on your investment within days.

The 123File-IT service is a major breakthrough in the way document-imaging systems are sold. 123File-IT offers its clients a one-stop-shopping approach, from scanners and hardware to 123File-IT’s award-winning document-imaging software. This state-of-the-art browser-based system can support one or many users. In fact, the cost of the system will be less than the cost of buying and maintaining a metal file cabinet.

The 123File-IT Small Business Edition was designed with companies who need 100 users in mind. It provides all the power of the Enterprise Edition, but without the complexity. We developed this edition to be scalable so the imaging solution can be modified as you continue to grow.

When you buy from 123File-IT, you are dealing directly with the developer. This is to your advantage both in the level of support you will receive, as well as in our ability to meet your unique needs. 123File-IT offers many options to integrate into your existing software infrastructure.

All you need at your site:


We prefer it to be dedicated to document imaging.

  • Windows 2000 or higher Server (Standard Edition)
  • Ample storage (Each image takes on Average 75K)
  • 512 memory
  • 1.0 GHz processor or better
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
  • IIS

The 123File-IT system has all of the features found in larger, more costly solutions. It meets HIPPA and most other standards. Take a look at the information sheet for more details about how the 123File-IT system will meet all of your document management needs.

123File-IT features a completely “open” browser-based system, is fully customizable and has the ability to handle an unlimited number of users.

To be eligible for free support you must provide us with remote access to the server.

We don’t just provide a document-imaging solution, we offer peace of mind that your documents will be protected in the event of a major disaster – and we do it your way!


Ongoing Support/Training: Call

Free Email and Free Instant Messenger!

Plus! Phone support, support service, conference, free upgrades included in support agreement