123File-IT Features

Our years of experience in document management mean we understand your needs. That's why we've built 123File-IT with the capabilities you need most.

Scanning your documents is just the beginning. Imagine what your business can achieve with the features described below!

document and file archiving Document and File Archiving

123File-IT can file any type of scanned document or digital file.

When scanned, we can handle any size document, may it be standard 8 ½ x 11, legal size, or large format drawings. As long as you have a scanner to scan the document, we can store and make it available for instant retrieval.

Filing digital documents with 123File-IT is simple and easy. Any type of electronic document like Word and Excel, even picture formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF are easily stored. We also have the ability to file video clips like MJPEG and WAV.

All digital files are stored in their native format. This makes them available for easy retrieval and viewing.

Documents and files can be stored and labeled using up to 99 searchable index fields. These fields can be controllable by length, character, and content (list boxes)

unlimited users Unlimited Users
There is no limit to the number of users you can sign-up in the 123File-IT service. This includes both users that will view documents and files as well as users that can scan and upload. All user permissions are easily modified to limit viewing, emailing, downloading, and index editing privileges.

your site or ours Your Site or Ours
The 123File-IT award winning software suite can reside on a server at your location or ours. On our site, 123File-IT will maintain your documents within a secure server and redundant storage architecture. The only difference is who manages the software and hardware structure.

in one place In One Place
123File-IT is a central depository for all of your documents and files. So if you have multiple offices or roaming employees, 123File-IT enables everyone to securely file and view important documents and files at no additional expense.

(The central depository can be housed on your server or within a 123File-IT server.)

work flow Work Flow
123File-IT offers a complete workflow module that is simple and easy to set-up. The graphical interface lets you implement features such as document tracking, queues for rejection, approval, email, and faxing. The 123File-It workflow tool even lets you set time triggers and reminders about documents and files.

email archiving Email Archiving
123File-IT offers the ability to not only archive documents and files in the same folder, but to archive emails and attachments within the same folder. This is another easy to use but very powerful archive tool from 123File-IT.

data redundancy Data Redundancy
Your vital information is always secure with automated backups and redundant data centers. Maximum uptime ensures you'll have the documents you need when you need them.

secure access Secure Access
Keep sensitive documents safe from prying eyes. Assign security levels to your files to block unauthorized access. Secure them during transfer using the strongest Secure Socket Layer technology.

global reach Global Reach
Wherever your business goes, you can take your documents along. Share files with clients across the globe, and keep foreign offices up-to-date with the latest information.

collaboration Collaboration
Discuss documents online with other users. Create public notes, or send private messages. Associate notes with a set of documents for easy reference later.

scalability Scalability
123File-IT scales easily as your business grows. From ten documents to ten million documents and beyond, your files remain organized and accessible.

archive-direct Archive-Direct
Have your archived documents sent to you on CD or DVD whenever you need them. Keep them for extra security, long-term storage, or send them to your clients. Viewing software is included on every disc.

document versioning Document Versioning
123 File-IT allows you to download, edit and resubmit documents into the system. Much like a library, once a user "checks out" a document, no one else can edit it until it is "checked" back in. It is automatically assigned it's own version number. You can keep track of your revisions from start to finish. All versioning transactions are kept in a secure log and the document history can be easily viewed.


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