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*Model - Electronic Filing System BS 112 BS 125 BS 140
Computer: Dell ServerDell Dell ServerDell Dell ServerDell
CPU @ speed of 2.8 Ghz & up Pentium, Celeron, AMD Pentium, Celeron, AMD Pentium, Celeron, AMD
Memory / Network Card 1 GB / 10-100 Base T 1 GB / 10-100 Base T 1 GB / 10-100 Base T
Hard Drive - Raid 5 - Useable Space Included - 160 GB Included - 160 GB Included - 160 GB
Estimated number of pages that can be stored on this system 5,000,000 5,000,000 5,000,000
CD R/W / Monitor Included / Included - 17" Included / Included - 17" Included / Included - 17"
Operating System Windows Windows Windows
Manufacturers Warranty 3 year limited / on-site can be extended 3 year limited / on-site can be extended 3 year limited / on-site can be extended
Keyboard, Mouse, Video Cards, etc... Standard Standard Standard
Server Software: my site enterprise my site enterprise my site enterprise
Single CPU 123 File-IT suite; Outbound browser based viewing server
Print, PDF, Email, Boolean searches, Unlimited notes, Unlimited browser based viewing, Thumbnail viewing
Included Included Included
Input bound XML image server
XML, SureSave(tm), standalone B/W image support, TIFF Group 4, JPEG
Included Included Included
Outbound Email image server
SQL Database Server, 99 index fields
Included Included Included
Administration Module
Full user security features, Easy to use database wizard for setup, Ties in Window's user setup
Included Included Included
Remote Support Module
Complete server logging, Step by step user traffic trace & debug level
Included Included Included
Software Warranty / Upgrade & phone support mandatory - price not included 30 day / 3 year 30 day / 3 year 30 day / 3 year
Disaster proof backup service Available Available Available
Scanner: fujitsu scanner fujitsu scanner fujitsu scanner
Manufacturer Fujitsu fi-4010CU Fujitsu SPfi-4220c Fujitsu Fi4340c
Page per minute 12 ppm / 200 dpi / Simplex 25 ppm / 200 dpi / Simplex 40 ppm / 200 dpi / Simplex
Daily Duty Cycle (Pages per day) 500 up to 750 Up to 3000
Interface - Driver / Duplex Scanning USB - TWAIN / No SCSI-2- TWAIN / Yes SCSI-2- TWAIN / Yes
Paper Size 8.5 x 11 - Flat bed - 25 pg ADF 8.5 x 14 - Flat bed - 50 pg ADF 8.5 x 14 - Flat bed - 100 pg ADF
Manufacturers Limited Warranty Support 1 Year 1 Year See Manf. Warranty ( on-site etc...)
Scanner Software: scanstation scanstation scanstation
VRS (Virtual ReScan) Optional Optional Optional
123 File-IT Capture Client Station Software
Batch scanning, any file, color, B/W, standard graphic files, "sticky" fields, XML Objects, ACM tm (Acknowledgement & Conformation Management)
Included Included Included
Multiple Index & Scanning stations, Bar Code / OCR Support - Remote Scanning site support Included Optional Optional
Price does not include Taxes, Handling, Shipping:
Retail Amount $7,646.39 $12,201.30 $32,794.20
Phone Support and Upgrades Included Included Included

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*The number of images stored is calculated on average b/w image using Tiff Group 4 giving a size of 26k per image. The performance of the total system will be predicated on demand of the number of users viewing and scanning, and connectivity of the network. You may need to increase the number of servers to get optimal performance. Prices are subject to change without notification.

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